WP_20150706_001I was talking to my Mum the other day about cleansers, moisturisers etc and she said something that made so much sense. You don’t have to use expensive products you just have to be diligent with your routine. Making sure you cleanse every morning and night is so important. But as a busy Mum of 3 sometimes the most simple of tasks can become taxing.

A couple of years ago when I ran out of my Dermalogica facial cleanser I picked up the kids QV Gentle Wash they use in the shower and used that instead and was so pleasantly surprised. Using this cleanser my skin is soft and doesn’t feel tight at all. I wouldn’t say I prefer this to my Dermalogica but at a fraction of the cost it does just as good a job. I switched to the Nivea creams about a year ago and haven’t looked back. They have an SPF inbuilt which I love and my skin feels soft and supple. It does have a fragrance which I don’t mind but don’t love either. If you are looking for some other more inexpensive options these are a great buy.

*This post is not sponsored and is my own personal opinion of these products.