So Miss almost 6 was giving a bit of attitude this evening and said a few things that hit a bit of a nerve. It amazed me to be honest, I didn’t think this started until the teenage years and now I am thinking boy we are in big trouble.

As I was trying to discipline my daughter, say goodnight in a happy voice to my 5 year old son who had been great today and putting the baby back to bed for the umpteenth time, it got me thinking.

A mum is like a water well. Children, spouses, household chores, cooking, cleaning take their bucket load all day long but what happens when the well runs out? Who replenishes it? What replenishes it? A day out every few months to get your hair done, a 2 minute toilet break by yourself or five minutes peace when a toddler is unexpectedly asleep in a pram so you have a cuppa with a book. I think those things are all amazing and much needed but they won’t fill up the well enough so that it doesn’t run out.

My family has had to bear a lot in the past 2 and a half years and just when I think I will have a bit of time to recover and just enjoy life a bit another curve ball comes our way. I take it all in my stride and keep pushing through as I don’t have a choice like many other people. But it does all take its toll and funnily enough it is the small things that can undo you.

A lot of people use the analogy of the oxygen mask on the airplane. The mother must attend to themselves first so that they are then able to help their children. We all know that if a Mum goes down in a household the cracks start to appear.

And so tonight to keep us all going I simply walked away. Before I started the wellness and health programme that I am following I would have taken the bait, argued with my almost 6 year old and for what…to expend more energy for nothing. I find the tone of the house follows the tone of the Mum if I am stressed, the house is stressed etc. So I walked away, shed a few tears in the shower, put on some music and let go a bit and she went to bed almost peacefully.

A day out with your bestie or getting your hair done will help you feel better and that bit more energized when you come back home, but in all honesty, re-filling the well is about emptying your mind. Letting go of the days tantrums, the spilt drinks, uneaten dinners and unkind words, because at the end of the day you have that death-defying love for them and no matter what, you would do anything for them.