I bought this lipstick because I absolutely loved the colour. I really enjoy wearing pink lipstick as I find it goes really well with my blonde hair and fair complexion, but in winter I find it hard to buy lipsticks that aren’t too bright and for want of a better word ‘summery’. So when I found this I thought it was a perfect tea rose pink that I could easily wear on colder days and be a bit of a change from all the nudes I have been wearing.

Revlon Colourstay Matte Balm 205

I was so happy and surprised by the formula of this lipstick. It is just fantastic. It goes on so well and doesn’t bleed at all. It almost has a minty fresh kind of smell/flavour and gives your lips a little tingle which I actually don’t mind. The pigmentation of the colour is brilliant but the thing I was most happy about was the longevity of the colour. I can pop this on as I am rushing out the door, have a hot choccie and by lunch some of the colour has come off but my lips still look great. I can compare this to my Clinique Chubby Sticks which I have to say have been a bit disappointing (apart from one colour) as they come off so quickly, which is why I didn’t hold out great hopes for this but it has surpassed all expectations.

It is a very matte lipstick which I am not used too at all, but I really love it and want to get more in this range to try them out. Overall, I was really impressed, if you are looking for a lipstick that doesn’t break the bank and has a fantastic range of colours this would be for you.

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You can purchase Revlon at most pharmacies and department stores. Currently Priceline have this range on special for 2f or $20 which is great value when they retails for $17.95 indivually.