The great debate of face wipes vs the good old face washer. I will be the first to admit that over the past 8 years or so the regularity of my skincare routine has been somewhat lacking. There have been times when I haven’t even bothered to wash my face but just shove some moisturiser on, slap on some lipstick and run out the door. There have been a number of occasions when I have used facial wipes – several brands – and thought, well at least I am cleaning my skin even if it is just a quick solution. I paid for it dearly. I broke out in eczema all over my face.


Facial wipes are great for travelling, great for removing makeup and an interim stopgap but for me not to be used every day. They just don’t get into your skin enough to properly get all the grime and dirt out. For me, nothing compares to washing my face properly, morning and night, using a good old hot face cloth and face wash. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Right now I am using the QV Gentle Wash as my cleanser. Since I became religious about washing my face morning and night, no matter what (even if I am just at home for the day) my skin has thanked me for it. For the first time in years it is so soft, supple and has a lovely healthy glow. I still have areas that are prone to dryness/redness but my skin is no longer flaking the way it was before. I remember putting on my makeup some days and feeling really embarrassed to go out because my foundation looked like it was all dry and flaking – not a good look! I do also use an exfoliator once a week and this has also made the world of difference.

Don’t get me wrong facial wipes do have their place but if you have the time and get into a good routine a simple hot flannel which costs nothing will make a world of difference to your skin. If you use a facial wipe that you think I should try or review please let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear your experiences too.

Lacura Wipes are from Aldi

You can purchase QV Gentle Wash from all pharmacies and chemists.


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