I am going to be very upfront and say that I haven’t used an exfoliator for years. I know, that is being totally lazy, and quite frankly not taking very good care of my skin. But, since I decided to take a bit more of an interest in me and look after myself better, buying an exfoliator was on my list. I was really lucky though when I purchased my kids QV Gentle Wash that I got this for free. I was impressed from the very first go.

QV exfoliating polish

Since I have very sensitive skin I was a bit worried about it being too harsh, breakouts and my skin feeling stripped. The complete opposite happened. The beads within the exfoliator are so small and feel so gentle on the skin. Generally, I use this product once a week on a Sunday night, but have occasionally used it twice when the weather has been really cold. Just to help get rid of any flaking skin. I wash my face first, then immediately use this product. I don’t leave it on for any amount of time but wipe it straight off. My skin is left feeling really soft and for the week that follows it has created a really good base for my makeup. I absolutely love it and would highly recommend purchasing it.

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Picture credit: QV Skincare


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