The new superfood that I just love is my banana protein smoothie. I love smoothies, especially banana ones and this one has bang. Full of rich goodness it will keep you full till lunchtime and give you loads of energy.

Smoothie (2)

Half a large banana
Half a handful of raw nuts approx 25g (I use organic ones cashews, almonds, Brazil and walnuts blitzed)
Half a handful of seeds and dried fruit approx 15g (I use chia, sunflower, pepita, raisins, sultanas, cranberries blitzed)
5g of organic coconut shards
30g vanilla protein powder (I use @bareblends organic vanilla WPI it is the best)
Handful of porridge oats
200ml water or low fat milk
Ice optional
Tiny squeeze of honey optional

Put all ingredients in a blender or I use my Thermomix and blitz really well.

I have had one of these or with other fruit everyday for a week and feel fantastic. Hubby has been doing the same and cutting out rubbish so he can lose weight from the holiday season.

I am not in any way affiliated with bare blends just love their products.

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