Yesterday I saw a post on Facebook by Kate at The Small Things Blog and she explained that she had chosen a word for the year and explained the reasons why. I have never heard of that before but thought it was a fabulous idea. I read through all the reader comments and found the most inspirational words Focus; Joy; Happiness; Simplicity; Balance; Value; Fun; Encourage; Prepare etc.

This post grabbed my attention and got me thinking about what my word would I choose…I will be honest I got to the end of the post and was stumped as to what mine would be.

So I thought what do I want to accomplish, achieve and feel this year. I feel that last year I lost my way a little bit. I am normally a very organised person but last year when my 3 yr old son had to have a second surgery for grommets and adenoids it undid me in every way possible. Emotionally I am totally fine since he had his surgery but my organisational skills just never came back. And so this brings me to my word: PRIORITISE. This for me is in the literal and practical sense but also has so many other layers.

I want to prioritise tasks that need to be done and stop procrastinating. Prioritise my day to make sure I am the most productive that I can be. Prioritise my children so they have my full attention when they need. And last, but not least, prioritise me. My youngest starts preschool this year and it will be the first time in 8 years that I will be on my own for two days. I am going to use these two days to full effect. I am going to prioritise my health in every way from nutrition and exercise to mental and emotional wellbeing. And finally invest some time into my blog, cooking and sewing. I feel really driven and determined to accomplish this goal for the year.

Let’s see what happens but hopefully 2016 is going to be a wonderful year. And a big thank you to Kate for inspiring me.

What would your word be? I would love to hear about your goals and wishes for 2016.

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