Most of the makeup brushes that I have, I have had for a very long time. Most of them date to my wedding which is almost 10 years ago! Like with my makeup collection I find you don’t need lots and lots but you do need quality and ones that do the job really well. My Clinique makeup brushes are my favourite both for sentimental reasons but also because of their longevity. I couldn’t be more impressed. They wash so well. Have barely any fallout (I have literally lost one bristle from my powder brush). The others that I have are relatively new. So my collection is as follows:

Clinique Powder Brush $53


I love this brush. It is soft, fluffy and distributes product beautifully. I also love the clear handle.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush $22.99

I have only had this brush for about six months but I really love it. My foundation looks even and I don’t get that streaky look that you can get with some flatter foundation brushes. I like how this has a bit more of a stippling effect rather than being completely flat. Also, for the price it is excellent value and I would highly recommend this if you are on a budget.


Tarte the Buffer Airbrush $48

This brush is exquisite. It really was love at first sight and a bit of an impulse buy as I had no idea how it would work with my foundation. It is bound so tightly, that this brush is a true delight to use. it is super soft on your skin. The handle is made out of bamboo, which is lovely and it has a very expensive look, which at $48 is good! It is much larger than I am used to though, so it does take a bit of time to get to know how to use it. The application is flawless and definitely gives it the airbrushed look. I use it mostly when I use the Tarte Amazonian Clay powder foundation, which I use more in Winter than the Summer months. I should use it more than I do and will make more of an effort to try it with my regular Clinique foundation.

Mac Blush Brush 129SE $70

My husband bought me a travel kit of mini Mac Keepsake brushes when he was in the States last July. It is a great size for a blush brush and I do like the light bristles and handle. I initially found it to be a bit scratchy (but not as bad as their foundation brush in the same kit) but, I guess I am used to it now and seeing as I don’t have another blush brush this does the trick quite well. Also, when I was looking to see where you could purchase this, my kit wasn’t available so the individual brush on Mac is retailing for $70 – for that amount of money I would hope the original is much better than this one!


Clinique Eye Shadow Brushes

Clinique Eye Shader Brush$34 (bottom in the picture)

This would have to be my favourite eye brush. It is so large and can easily in one sweep go across the entire eye. I use this brush every single day and not one hair has moved out of place. I use this brush to put on my base eye shadow (Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 shade in Skimp everyday) and even out the colour of my lids. I will then use it for any other lightish base colour that I am using for that days look. It is super soft, cleans so easily and totally holds it’s shape. The handle on mine is a little bent because of the help of a little 2 yr old a few years ago! I would never be without this brush.

Clinique Eye Shadow Brush $31(middle in the picture)

Again this is an everyday brush for me it works really well to put eye shadow on the lid and pack colour on. It keeps its shape and washes really well. I love how the shape is slightly tapered which I think really helps in applying maximum colour to the eye each time you apply.


Clinique Eye Contour Brush $31

This brush is a great. Compact and tight it places colour on well and is great for getting into the crease and smudging out to create that all time smokey look. I will say, that recently I have found it to be a little scratchy, but I can live with that for the effect that it gives. I do have to use a blending brusher after though as sometimes, because of the more round, domed shape it can look like a dot of colour, literally on your crease. But once blended, I find I don’t need to reapply any colour as it has deposited really well.

A final note on these eye brushes is that I have very sensitive eyes and I wear contact lenses so I am really fussy and these have never given me any trouble in the ten years that I have had them.

Mac Keepsake brushes 224SE, 209SE & 213SE

These were the eye brushes included in the Keepsakes kit. The bottom brush 224SE is the one I use everyday for blending. It works brilliantly. At first a bit scratchy, but like the blush brush, I have gotten used to it now and I wouldn’t be without it. I use the eyeliner brush with my only gel liner, the Bobbi Brown black ink one (which is amazing!!), and now that I have had a bit of practice works really well. I haven’t used 213SE that much at all but I think I will give it a bit more of a go and see how I find it.


Revlon Eyeliner Duo Brush $14.95

I absolutely love this brush. It gives a great line whether you are using eye shadow as your liner or a gel liner. It applies evenly and the smudger on the other end is great to create that smokey look. it is also a bargain at $14.95. I couldn’t find it online for some reason to link it but it is readily available at Priceline pharmacies.


So there you have it! That is my brush collection. Like I said you don’t need to have a million brushes all doing the same function. Invest in some good brushes (be that high end or more budget like Real techniques) that you like and they will repay you tenfold.

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