If there was any advice that my Mum used to constantly give me, it was to look after my skin. She said ‘you only have one skin Ashley…you have to look after it’. I will be honest and say that during my 20’s it wasn’t a very high priority and a quick splash in the shower seemed to do with a bit of moisturiser occasionally during winter.

But when you have children, so many things change. And not just your body shape and weight, but your hair, nails and skin are all effected. I had no idea what was going to happen after the birth of my second child. How important spending 5 minutes in the bathroom, morning and night, investing some time in me and looking after my skin would become. I broke out in eczema all over my face, but then I also had oily patches and break outs too.

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I was so tired and my skin became so dull and unloved. I invested in some skincare that suited my skin type and slowly watched it turn around…I refused to use the cortisone cream that the doctors wanted me too. What I needed to do was a routine, a good skincare routine. And six years later it is paying off.


So here is what I would recommend as the bare minimum for any busy Mum:

  1. A good face washer – I will be honest, I buy the cheap packs of four from Woolies and Big W and they work a treat. This way when they get a bit covered in makeup or worse for wear I can just get some new ones.
  2. Makeup remover – I use an oil makeup remover, but I know that there are some fantastic millecular water removers out there, that are really reasonably priced and take off the day’s makeup really easily.
  3. A cleanser to suit your skin type – whether you have dry, oily, normal or combination skin there is a cleanser out there for you and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, I use the QV Gentle Wash which is $17.99 at the chemist for 1 litre.
  4. Moisturiser – You can use the same moisturiser day and night. But make sure in winter in particular, you are using one that will nourish your skin. If your skin is prone to being oily, try to avoid a heavy one that will leave a residue on your skin. If your budget can stretch to a day and night cream, that is even better, as you can target exactly what your skin needs.
  5. Exfoliate – I have only started doing this just recently and wow, what a difference it has made. Not just to the brightness of my skin and how healthy it looks, but also my makeup sits so much better on top of my skin. I try and do this once a week on a Sunday. There are some fantastic budget options as well as some more expensive ones that are great too.
  6. Hand Cream – Something I still don’t use as much as I should, but I do try my best. I keep mine on my bedside table and use it when I get into bed. I try to put it up to my elbows if it will stretch. Our hands are in water so often that it is important not to forget to look after them too.

As a Mum of three, I know how hard it can be to grab just five minutes for you in the busy mornings and that at the end of the day you just want to collapse in bed…but, if you start this routine your skin will thank you and you will also feel better for it. There is no point in putting lots of makeup on to make your skin look great, if you aren’t cleaning and nourishing it properly.

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