Due to medical reasons my husband’s diet had to radically change back in 2013 so I had to come up with lots of variations to recipes or create new ones so that he still had something nice to eat that tasted great. He came home from a long trip overseas and was craving some good food so I quickly whipped up what I call my modern day fruit salad. It has now become a family staple that he and the kids love. It doesn’t take long at all but is totally delicious.

Modern Fruit Salad

Handful of bran
Half a banana sliced
4 strawberries cut in quarters
2 tbsp dried cranberries
3 slices of dried mango chopped
3 figs chopped
2tsp chia seeds
3 tbsp natural yoghurt (I used the low fat by Black Swan)
Squeeze of honey
Squeeze of fresh lime

Place the bran in the bottom of the bowl and add all the fruit on the top. Place the yoghurt in the centre of the dish and sprinkle over the chia seeds. Finish with a drizzle of honey and a squeeze of fresh lime.


What do you make as your favourite breakfast? I am always looking for new recipes.


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