I know that I am a little late to the party with this, but I wanted to write a post about new year resolutions and what I hope 2017 will bring. I have been MIA for a while now on the blog and it is not for a lack of wanting to write…life purely got the better of me and I let it.

And so, with the turning of the year, it is a new beginning and a fresh start. There is so much that I want to do this year and it may surprise you that some of my resolutions are very much everyday things. Previously, in years gone by, I have gone quite generic with what I wanted to change, such as look after me more, make sure the house is tidy, do more exercise. Well generally something happens that takes over and not that I forget about them, but my motivation to achieve them is gone because they seem too hard or in the spirit of being honest I really cannot be bothered.

So, this year I am making them much more specific and I thought if I tell you all about them that keeps me more accountable. Also, I don’t really like the word resolutions, instead, I prefer to use promises. Because promising myself that I achieve these means I really am trying to make a change.

  1. Drink more water everyday – I am rubbish at drinking enough water. I have bought a lovely new water bottle and I am keeping a record of how much I drink every day.
  2. Manicure Sunday – each Sunday I want to sit down and do my nails. I used to do this when I worked and I want to make the effort again. It doesn’t take long, but I feel so much more put together when my nails are done nicely.
  3. Eat a proper breakfast and lunch – I am a sugar addict, so it was very easy last year to run out the door, grab a hot chocolate and banana bread and make it my breakfast. Then I would skip lunch and have a sugary afternoon tea. With the help of meal prepping and proper organising I will be making a huge effort to have a proper breakfast and lunch. I can’t wait to see what a difference it will make to my health.
  4. More effort with my hair – I know this sounds pretty basic, but it is the truth. The number of times I run out of time to do my hair in the mornings or even wash it because I am running late or have not planned my time well. So, I am making a huge effort to not only wash it more often, but also to style it rather than let it just do its own thing.
  5. Keep a grateful journal – I am currently doing The Chic Site’s 31 New Year Do You challenge and one of the points is to keep a grateful journal – 10 things every day. I may not make it to 10 everyday, but I want to appreciate the small things in life a bit more.
  6. Keep organised – I love being organised. I am a Virgo so I think being disorganised means that I literally become a mess. The second half of last year this happened and it was felt right through the family. When I don’t have my proverbial together, everyone suffers, so this is a big priority this year. Keeping a diary for appointments, bill folder and finance spreadsheet (I use the one from the Organised Housewife) meal planning and a few routines to keep us all doing what we should.
  7. Clear up the kitchen each night – there are some days that get away from me and by the time I go to clear up the kitchen it is 9pm and I am exhausted. I cannot stand coming down to a messy kitchen in the morning, so this is a big promise to myself that it will be done. And not just by me, my kids are getting old enough now to clear their plates away and put them in the dishwasher. They are going to take a bit more responsibility for helping out around the house, rather than expecting it to be done by me.
  8. Less wasting time on social media – last year I spent way too much time on social media. It was a great time filler and I procrastinated instead of getting things done that I really wanted to achieve. Part of my job on the blog is to see what people are doing on social media and also to manage my own social media for I Choose Me – but I am going to separate the two and I will have a timer on my phone. For personal use, I can have 10mins at a time scrolling through as much as I want too and then that is it.
  9. Some form of fitness – I am not really sure what this will be yet, as I have an injury that is causing a lot of discomfort and the thought of hurting it more makes me incredibly anxious. I really feel that it does limit me as to what I can do, but with the help of my doctors and physios I am hoping I can figure something out.
  10. I Choose Me – I have so many ideas that I want to accomplish on the blog this year – in fact I want to turn it into a business. Some ideas I have started already and others are still in my mind. I think I have been procrastinating on them because I have worried ‘what if people think this is silly’ or ‘what if this doesn’t work’. Well, I will never know unless I try so this is the year to make that happen and I am incredibly excited about it!

In order to keep accountable, I am going to do a monthly check-in here on I Choose Me and update you on how I am going. Fingers crossed by the end of the year I will feel that I have achieved exactly what I wanted too. What resolutions do you have for this year? I would love to know what everyone else would like to accomplish this year.

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