I think everyone in my life knows that I have developed an obsession for Kmart…the number of times that someone has asked where did you get that? Invariably my answer is Kmart and they shout can’t believe it!

When I looked back at 2017, I realised a lot of my clothing and accessories (amongst other items) purchases had been made at Kmart. Which is a good thing for me as this year we are on more of a budget. So, based on this I am starting a new series, that each week I post what I feel is the very best of Kmart for that week – sometimes it might have clothes and shoes, others might have more stationary or even kids items – who knows, but I do hope you enjoy it and it helps you to look fabulous on a budget.

Top row left to right:

Large dial watch nude $12

Nude Crossband Scuff Sandals $8

Short sleeve denim dress $20

2018 Ombre page a day diary $5

Bottom row left to right:

Large 2018 foil spot diary $2

Rope beach bag $12

Rose gold look metallic round brush $1

Trilby hat $7


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