My Morning Routine - and how it keeps me sane!

My Morning Routine - and how it keeps me sane!

If I look back even to when I was a teenager in high school, I have always had some sort of morning routine. Back in those days it was a bit simpler than it is today, get up, get dressed for school, eat toast with marmalade made by my lovely Mum and leave for school. These days are very different with 3 busy kids, a business to run as well as a house to keep on top of. I tend to have a couple of variations of this routine and the form of exercise can change depending on the season. I love going for early morning walks in the Summer and Spring but tend to exercise more indoors during the cooler months and darker mornings.

As a Virgo, I am an organised based person. I need to have order and be organised otherwise I feel out of control and that for me can lead to anxiety. I find that having a morning routine not only helps keep me grounded but also the whole family. On the rare occasions that I am up later or not well it is amazing how the whole structure of the morning changes and inevitably leads to forgetting things and kids running late to school!

So, here is what most mornings look like for me:


5.15am Time to get up

Up and out of bed. Come downstairs to feed the cats that have been jumping on my head since 4.50am!


5.20-6.35am Work

During quarantine in order to fit work in during the day whilst home schooling the kids I had to get up and work first thing. Back then I worked from 5-8am but that isn’t realistic for me now with drop off etc. I find this time when the house is completely quiet and dark, I can really focus and I can get some great work done. The key though is planning my day the night before so that I know exactly what I need to focus on.


6.35-7.05am : Workout

As I mentioned in the warmer months there is nothing I love more than popping in my headphones, listening to a podcast (a blog post of my favourites to come soon) and going for a good 30 min walk complete with large hills to get the heart rate going. But, during quarantine I started doing an online Dance Cardio Workout that I just love! I love the music, the moves and that I can tailor it with my scar tissue etc. Sometimes, I don’t get through a full workout, but I try and do at least 20mins of a high intensity one.


7.05am : Mum Mode Breakie & Lunches

By this time all the kids have been up for a while and it is time to switch into Mum mode. At the moment they are all loving porridge for breakfast, so I pop it on the stove, make tea for everyone and then finish up their lunches. All the kids are at an age now where they help with morning teas and lunches which is great! I also do batch baking on a Sunday so that we can just grab their lunches easily without having to prepare much.

I may be very boring, but I have the same breakfast every day during the week. As I am paleo (and have lots of intolerances) I find having a smoothie the easiest option and also it is quick with the kids too as I can always take it in the car if I need too or drink it whilst I get ready.


7.30am : Chores and Get Ready

Hang out any washing that I popped on before I started breakie and pop the next load on ready to hang out when I am home.

Have a shower, get dressed and pop on some makeup! I find if I don’t do this before I leave the house, I will end up staying I active wear all day! Having said that if I am coming home to clean, I will get showered and changed after that.

To help save a little time as well I lay out my clothes/workout wear the night before as it makes it easier and I don’t make a huge amount of noise in the dark and wake the whole house.


8.05am : Leave for school drop off

I use this time to chat to the kids about their day and then on the way back home plan out my day a bit more. I also speak to my parents on the drive home to say good morning which I love.


8.45-9.30am : Home from school drop off

I pop in my earpods with a podcast and zoom around the house doing a quick reset/clearing away from breakie/changing beds etc if needed. I find I can’t start work unless the house is *relatively* tidy!


9.30am : Start work for the day


So that is my morning routine and by sticking to it I find it helps keep us all on track. Funnily enough, I am now so used to being up so early that if I sleep in past 7 on a weekend I feel I have wasted my morning! Do you have a morning routine? I would love to hear what you do?